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Sawblade Warhawk Reflective Decals (Rubber Sawblade Warhawk Sold Separately)

$25.00$26.00 $16.99$17.99

Give your Sawblade Warhawk (sold separately) some color during the day and shine at night with our reflective Warhawk decals!  These precision cut decals are designed to fit perfectly on each blade of your Sawblade Warhawk.

SKU: Warhawk-decal

Product Description

Cut from the same reflective material that we use for our rim tape, these decals make a great addition to your Sawblade Warhawk (sold separately).

  • Easy to peel and apply.
  • One order is enough for both sides of warhawk blades, also comes with 6 spares (Total 36 decals).
  • Made from the highest grade reflective material.
  • Strong adhesive and UV and solvent resistant coating ensures durability.