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*Special Edition Color* Lime Green High Intensity Rim Tape (All Vehicles)

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These rim tapes will bring your ride to a whole other level of awesomeness!  Be ready to be showered with compliments on how surprisingly reflective your wheels will look after application.  This truly is an absolute must-have for any motorcycle, car, bicycle, or anything with wheels!


Please be aware that the numbers on your bicycle tire is the tire size, not rim size, so you must follow these instructions to find your actual rim size:

Measure the diameter of your rims, NOT tires, from edge to edge. Your measurement will always be UP TO 1” more than your actual rim size. For example, your measurement of a 22.1” to 23” diameter, means you have 22” rims. Therefore you should be ordering a 22” size rim tape.

Also, rim tapes can only be applied to rims with disc brakes since you CANNOT have the pad brakes rub on the rim tapes.

RIM SIZE FOR MOTOR VEHICLES (i.e. cars, motorcycles, etc.)

The last two digits in the numbers imprinted on your tires is your rim size. For example, “180/55ZR17”, means you have 17” rims.

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Product Description

customTAYLOR33™ Special Edition Color!  The only high intensity reflective lime green in the world!

Our rim tape is our most popular product.  These curved strips are designed to be applied to the rims of your wheels.  We are confident that you will not find a more reflective rim tape than ours.  This is an absolute must have safety accessory for your motorcycle, car, bike, or anything with wheels!

  • One order makes 4 complete circles, with an extra strip to spare.
  • Easy application. No applicator required.  No need to remove wheels.
  • Made from the highest grade reflective material.
  • Strong adhesive and UV and solvent resistant coating ensures durability.
  • Standard width is 8mm.  (For custom widths, please contact us.)