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this product is awesome, exactly what was described. I am looking forward to purchasing more decals from you guys. my bike is under construction right now but, I will post pics for you as soon as she is done

I couldn’t be happier with these wheel tapes. They are as bright as described and will make my night time riding a lot safer. I will order a set for all of our bikes and can only suggest these for all motorcycle riders out there.

These things look great even in daylight u can see them reflect light.

I love this wheel tape! It is highly reflective just with a little light. I put it on my bike now I bought another kit for my other bike. It is sufficiently sticky and very flexible which makes it easy to apply or correct problems.

This item was definitely better than I had expected it to be. I though the pictures were fake when I first saw them. It really caught my eye and I am so happy I went against my own instincts to get it. I definitely recommend these to anyone who wants to be seen by other motorist. These tapes are bright and what you see in the picture is what you get.