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Be the Highlight of The Night.

The tape is amazing! I didn’t expect it to be like the pictures but it was! I’m in love with these things! I recommend getting them!!

This product is awesome. Easy to apply and if you are looking at styling up your ride go with this. I put it on my CBR and it looks great day or night. Big safety for nighttime riding.

So these make great TRON like pictures if you use the flash. My wife and I tested them at night with our car and they make my motorcycle 1000 Times more visible. I have an all black motorcycle and this has truly made me feel safer at night. And they make decent highlights for the bike during the day.

What can I say? The glow like they’re on fire when traffic lights hit them at night! That’s what you want. Very nice!

Absolutely love these. Ill most likely buy another set soon too. Recommended to so many people